100% Financing For Commercial Income Producing Properties

Lending for Commercial Real Estate

There are a number of ways to effect 100% financing of your income producing commercial property. They are creative financing alternatives that provide buyers with an opportunity to purchase apartment buildings, office buildings and mixed use buildings with little or no down payment. These alternative financing methods include:

  • Asset Backed Lending
  • Self Directed IRAs
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs

Asset Backed Lending

If you have securities like stocks or bonds there are lenders that would lend up to 90% of the value of these securities. This can serve as the full loan or the down payment. In either case you will still own your securities, they will just be the collateral on a loan.

Self Directed IRAs

If you have substantial assets in a IRA, 401k or 403b those assets can be placed into a custodial account that will allow you to purchase commercial real estate where the owner would be the Self Directed IRA. If you do not have enough to fully purchase the property, your Self Directed IRA could make loans. They could lend you the money for the down payment for your income producing property.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

If the building you are purchasing has enough equity and the seller is willing to work with you, you can establish seller funded down payment assistance. The Down Payment Assistance Company will actually provides the down payment. The seller pays the DPA Company to provide the assistance based on the equity in the property.

100% Lending for Commercial Property

All programs will provide up to 100% financing depending on the resources available. Now is the time to use your resources and creative financing options to purchase discounted commercial income producing property.


4 thoughts on “100% Financing For Commercial Income Producing Properties

  1. Ive been looking at a self storage unit, the price is 850,000 and net income is 77,550 a year i really need help.

  2. Hi –

    Serious, experienced investor with an existing 140 unit portfolio looking at a number of commerical apt deals. Very interested in creative structuring using DPA programs. Can you please assist / recommend?

  3. Down Payment Assistance Programs I am working on a multifamily deal of 2.8 million. I am a broker I get 1% Can you tell me how your program work?.

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