New Blanket Commercial and Residential Investor Mortgage

New Mortgage

Actually this is not a new program, but over the last 3 years many similar programs have been discontinued. Today private investors, hedge funds and bridge lenders have begun to offer programs similar to those that were available before the recent financial crisis. One such program available today is the Blanket Mortgage for Commercial or Residential Investor properties. The unique features to this financing option is that it is based on the value and cash flow of the property, not on the credit of the investor.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Size

Most lenders have minimum financing criteria. Generally speaking higher minimum loans are attached to the best rates and terms. This is sad because it locks out a lot of small investors and people buying investments in markets where the average loan size are smaller. It is not uncommon for  the note to be at least two million dollars. But there is a market that specializes in small cap financing (smaller loan amounts). These small cap programs have much higher rates to go with the lower loan sizes. These new (retread) blanket commercial programs offer lower rates and more flexible terms. Though still higher than conventional rates, they are much lower than small cap and hard money programs. For the Blanket Mortgage, the minimum funded amount is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) with no maximum loan size.

Residential Investor Loans

Residential Investor financing is the hardest hit in the banking meltdown. It is exciting news that private lenders are back in the market to fund investor properties based primarily on the value and cash flow of the subject property. For residential property owners with multiple properties they will not be hampered by the conventional guidelines that only allow for four residential loans, and the credit criteria is lowered while the emphasis is on the income and value of the collateral.

Blanket Mortgage

Whether single family, two to four units, multi-family, mixed use, single use, or industrial properties the blanket program will allow you to put like properties in the same area into one loan. This has many benefits to the owner. The benefits include:

  • Larger Financing Sizes: By increase the loan size by adding multiple properties the owner can qualify where they could not and may even get lower rates.
  • Mortgage Qualifying: Smaller balances often do not qualify for financing.
  • Lower Credit Score Requirements: Conventional and bank programs require higher credit scores and tougher credit criteria.
  • Fewer Total Loans: a blanket mortgage will cover two or more properties allowing for lower total cost and fewer note payments to monitor.
  • Make Conventional Programs Available: Once the financing is consolidated under one loan this may open opportunities for conventional residential financing.
  • Reduced Total Fees: Fewer loans equal fewer fees.
  • Reduced Rates: The rates are much lower than hard money and bridge loans.
  • Flexible Terms: The program offers short and long term options as well as fixed and adjustable plans with flexible amortizations.
If you are a Real Estate Investor with multiple properties a blanket mortgage may be the program for you to help you qualify for commercial or residential financing while reducing fees and costs as you grow and sustain your business.
UPDATE 7/2012




10 thoughts on “New Blanket Commercial and Residential Investor Mortgage

  1. I have a client that would like to re-finance a few of his rental properties into a commercial loan.

    they are

    2899 Republic Ave. Radcliff Ky. CMA Value $89,900 – $93,500
    Loan Amount on Property $73,447.80
    1579 W Vine St Radcliff, KY. CMA Value $65,000 – $68,000
    Loan Amount on Property $0.00
    34 Genrose Dr. Rineyville, Ky CMA Value $240,000 – $243,000
    Loan Amount on Property $215,071.25
    1538 Hillcreek Dr. Elizabethtown, Ky CMA Value $152,000 – $155,000
    Loan Amount on Property $122,799.87
    528 Balmoral Elizabethtown, KY Value $99,000.00
    Loan Amount on Property $0.00
    600 S. Deepwood Dr Radcliff, Ky CMA Value $143,000.00
    Loan Amount on Property $0.00

    Client would like existing loans to be refinanced and cash out between $150,000.00 to $200,000.00

    please let me know if you can do this or who can provide such a blanket mortgage

    Thank you in Advance

    Xavier Kenyatta

  2. Hi Mr. Jeffries,
    Would like to know more about blanket mortgages, as it speaks directly to my hypothetical situation.

    Danita Williams

  3. Are you still doing these blanket loans? If so, I noticed you mentioned chicagoland area only. How far to the suburbs will you go – if at all?
    I am in will and kankakee counties.

    Would be interested in the loan terms you can get.

  4. Hello. If I use your blanket loan service will your company finance me to purchase future property and put them into my existing blanket loan?

  5. Hello William.

    Future purchase can not be added to an existing blanket loan.
    I can finance future deals and if ther eare multiple properties they can be added to a separate Blanket Loan

  6. I own a four unit residential rental property free and clear. I would like to purchase a mixed use property that is 3 apartment/3 office. Do you have a blanket loan that would suit my needs? If so, what % do the rates start? I have excellent credit. My properties are both located in the western Chicago suburbs (Aurora area). Any info you can send me would be appreciated.

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