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FBC Funding is Financing Broker Commercial Funding, and we are a commercial mortgage and business loan brokerage. We have been helping real estate investors and small business meet their financing goals since 2008. Yes, as the market crashed we left the big banks and started on our own.

As the Founder and Director of FBC Funding Louis Jeffries has been a Mortgage Banker since 1990. Working for various mortgage brokers and banks including Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual. At Bank of America and Washington Mutual Louis not only originated residential mortgages but was able to work on commercial and business funding as well.

We FBC was founded, it was tough to get funding for commercial real estate and small businesses and there were a lot of fraudulent entities in this space. As a broker, FBC had to connect and find legitimate funding sources to work with. In 2011 FBC became affiliated with The Business Finance Store (the predecessor to the Finance Agents).

In 2016, after spending 5 years as a referral agent, Louis Became a member office of Finance Agents. As a member Office we are an independent marketing arm of the Finance Agents.

The Finance Agents is a lender and broker for business funding and some limited commercial funding. By aligning with them we are able to offer small businesses a wide range of business funding programs, while offering a wide range of commercial and investment real estate funding programs through FBC Funding.

FBC Agents have an affiliate arrangement with both FBC Funding and Finance Agents. They are able to refer investment real estate, commercial real estate and small business funding programs with ease.

The Finance Agents platform offers an simple way to refer, learn, sponsor other agents and get paid without actually working the loans. This is a great platform for professionals in related businesses that do not want to deviate from there main business, but would like to offer additional services for their clients.

For More Information email Louis directly at louisj@fbcfunding.com or louis@fbcagents

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