Small business loan programs

As a Small Business Owner, your success is dependent on your ability to successfully finance the operation and growth of your company. As a Financing Broker, FBC Funding has a wide range of competitive programs to help you best meet your financing needs at the best terms for your situation.


Business Term Loan Programs

These intermediate term programs are great for business with good cash flow and good credit with having to wait 90 days or longer for some convention and government programs. Loan amounts range from $25,000 to $2,000,000 Terms are for 1 to 10 years and rates are as low as 6%

Unsecured Business Financing Credit Lines

Great for start-up companies and small businesses that want no doc corporate credit lines from $20,000 to $250,000. We verify extend credit to the business that does not report to the personal credit bureaus based on the personal credit profile.

Equipment and Auto Financing

You have working capital and cash reserves but not enough to fund your equipment purchases. Quite often this could be the essence of your business. These equipment funding programs are good for existing and start-up businesses.

Short Term Working Capital Loans

Do you need funds quick and for a short term to meet immediate business needs and opportunities. These are quick and short term, not meant to run your business but meet an immediate need or opportunity. We can save you from financial loss or help you take advantage of a great financial opportunity.

Accounts Receivable, Factoring and Purchase Order

You have the business. You have the order. You completed the work Now you need to get paid, pay your employees and expenses. This is potentially the cheapest and quickest short term financing option available

Business Directed Retirement Account Funding

You want to invest in your business with the cheapest money available. Invest in yourself through BDRA funding. Roll your money over to a business directed account that invest in your new company. Great for funding a start-up or new franchise business. Do this and avoid IRS Taxes and Penalties.

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